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Experiencing the quality of our roofing process will help you understand why our clients value our services. Our process is more than a procedure; it's our team! A team developed through years of hard work, committed to one goal: "Customer Satisfaction". Our roofing process has afforded us the opportunity to consistently grow over the years . . . growth that will continue well into the future.

The first step in our process is for you to gain an understanding of what we can accomplish together!


When Atlantic Roofing Corporation visits your site, we will evaluate your roof's existing condition. We will conduct a visual inspection of your roof in addition to taking core samples to confirm the roof make-up.

Upon our review, we will sit down with you and explain the condition of your roof. At that time we will inform you as to the course of action that is required to assist you in your roofing needs.


Once we have determined what action is required, we will prepare a written review of your roof's condition along with our recommendations for repairs or replacement. In some cases, your roof might not need immediate attention and we will estimate the life expectancy of your existing roof.

When Atlantic Roofing Corporation proposes a new roofing system, we evaluate what system is best suited for your building. We look for existing conditions that may affect certain roofing systems and consult with many roofing manufacturers to assure that the best system is designed for your building.

Once we determine the roofing system that will perform the best, we will prepare a complete specification in addition to all associated costs for the project.

Project Start:

Upon an award to Atlantic Roofing Corporation, we will set up a pre-construction meeting with the building owner and their representatives to establish the setup areas. At this time, we will also inform the building occupants what they can expect during the roofing process.

Loading the Project:

Atlantic Roofing Corporation loads the project with the specified materials and equipment required to complete the project. We will take all precautions necessary to load quickly and safely in order to minimize any disturbance to the building owner and their personnel.

Application of new system:

Atlantic Roofing Corporation will identify the area where we intend to start work to the building owner. We will install the specified system within the guidelines of our specification and according to the manufacturer's latest published details.

Completion of the Project:

Upon completion of the project, Atlantic Roofing Corporation will notify the manufacturer in order to conduct a final inspection. The manufacturer will set up a time that the new system can be inspected and issuance of the warranty can be completed.


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